Mastering the sound for our films

/Mastering the sound for our films

All the information films and commercials that we use in our business have a speaker voice and music. The sound production for the films is carried out by Panorama Music. Above all, we feel that Panorama Music has done a very good job with mastering the sound for the films. We also use a lot of information films internally in the company. Often there are training films in various work steps. It is very important that there is clear sound so that the person watching the films understands everything that is said. Here, Panorama Music is a complete partner who ensures that the mastering of music and sound is as good as possible.

We make short commercials of about 20 seconds that we run as paid ads on Instagram and Facebook, among others. We believe that it is very important that there is as good sound as possible on our commercials. We also want the sound to be experienced in the same way regardless of which facility it is listened to.Therefore, we have chosen to hire Panorama Music, due to their recognized good reputation for many years for mastering sound and music. Panorama Music follows all international recommendations for mastering music and sound, which means that we can trust that the sound in our films is of a recognized standard.

Financially, it is advantageous for us to hire Panorama Music for mastering because they always have fixed prices for mastering. Panorama Music have been involved in the music production and mastering of the music since the planning stage of the commercials. It is very beneficial for us to hire Panorama Music for the mastering of music for the films, especially the communication during the entire work process with mastering has been fast and clear.

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